The Legend

Back in the day, Tassie's Giant Freshwater Lobster helped thirsty bushmen crack open their beers with its powerful pincers.

But now, after decades of poaching, habitat loss and mining pollution, this legendary Lobster —the world's largest freshwater invertebrate—faces extinction. So we've brewed Giant Lobster Ale to help bring it back from the brink.

It's already caught the eye of Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg, who signed a Recovery Plan for the species. Now we need to keep the pressure on the Tasmanian Government until this Lobster's home is protected by law.

So drink a beer, and save a legend. (Or if you don't drink beer, demand action anyway.)

The Beer

We teamed up with Moo Brew, one of Australia's most awarded craft breweries, to create a beer that celebrates what makes the Giant Lobster legendary.

This one's a cool fermented Alt Ale, which literally means 'old'–rather fitting for this rare and ancient beast. It's clear and copper-coloured, much like the fresh tannin-stained waters this Lobster loves. You'll find it well-balanced and easy drinking, with a touch of bitterness and a toasty aroma.

Brewed in Tassie, of course, thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends at Moo Brew, who donated their time, effort and ingredients to make it happen.